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Custom DOT Drug & Alcohol Policy

Custom DOT Drug & Alcohol Policy

$199 with customized company information and policy choices

I have been working on this policy since about 1993; I’m not sure it’s perfect, but I know one thing: Hundreds of motor carriers have used this policy and no one has had a violation on a compliance review EXCEPT a couple people that did not sign the document. First, you have to sign and date it, THEN, you have to explain it to each driver, and get them to sign the statement that says you have explained it to them. There are 11 topics the DOT requires you to address; all are discussed in this document. In many of these areas, you have some lee-way, or some options. Our office will send you a list of questions – based on your answers, we will craft the policy to help you follow through on your management decisions.

First, you need a policy that covers the topics, then you need to explain it to each driver. Finally, make sure every member of management is properly trained. We can help you with that, too. Contact us at 847-836-6063 or email if you’d like to set up a driver or management DOT drug & alcohol training.

This Custom DOT Drug & Alcohol Policy allows you to decide if you’d like to enforce the DOT minimum OR go above and beyond it for several topics, including how many hours for the ‘bottle-to-throttle’ rule, the percentage of drivers DOT tested for drugs and\or alcohol, if you’d like it to be a zero-tolerance policy versus a possible termination policy, and more.

Sent to you in a convenient PDF form, you won’t have to make blurry photocopies ever again. You receive a company adoption version, with space for the designated employee representative’s signature, as well as a driver adoption version, which includes a declaration of acceptance, and more information on the negative effects of drug and alcohol use, abuse, and misuse so they can learn the signs and symptoms and who to contact if they have or notice another employee may have an issue, whether it be policy to let employers know, law enforcement or whether guidance is given and a website like this is suggested for the addicted employee. There are multiple spots for driver initials to help with the training and comprehension of the policy. There are many different policies for each company surrounding drugs and alcohol. Most companies will have employees take a drug test or visit a health center to ensure that they are drug and alcohol-free. This is very important for companies that rely on drivers, as drug and alcohol-related accidents are common among truck drivers. You can visit a site similar to to learn more about drug and alcohol use.

Order a new, custom, DOT driver drug and alcohol policy from DOT Compliance Help, Inc., today! It’s so affordable, that many clients order one without the intention of ever using it; instead, they compare and contrast it to their current program and see what is different. If they discover something is missing, or is extra, in their policy, they discuss why that is, and if there isn’t a good reason for it, then they fix it. What a great resource!


Meet Your DOT Consultant

Mike England has spent more than twenty-five years in the transportation industry, first in a management role with a small transportation company, then progressing through numerous safety and general management roles with both large and small DOT-regulated entities including trucking companies and private fleets.

He is a graduate of the US Army Safety Management School in Ft. Rucker, Alabama as well as the US Department of Transportation’s FMCSA Safety Auditor Course. He spent 2005 and 2006 performing audits for the US Department of Transportation and decided in 2007 to form the private consulting firm DOT Compliance Help, Inc.

In addition to developing and presenting DCH’s DOT compliance seminars and conferences, Mike and his firm also provide compliance assessments and conduct custom onsite training sessions for clients across the country. With an office and staff located outside of Chicago, DCH’s mission is to help carriers prevent accidents, injuries, and fatalities. The ultimate goals are safer roadways for the public and increased profits for their clients.

His memberships include the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, the North American Transportation Management Institute, and the Illinois Trucking Association.