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DOT Training Dallas TXOctober 29-30REGISTER
DOT Seminar Atlanta GANovember 6-7REGISTER
DOT Training Houston TXDecember 10-13REGISTER
DOT Training Chicago ILJan. 7-10, 2020REGISTER
DOT Training Dallas TXJan. 29-30, 2020REGISTER
DOT Seminar Las Vegas NVFeb. 25-28, 2020REGISTER
DOT Training Houston TXMarch 24-27, 2020REGISTER

DOT Seminar Training

Our DOT seminar training is designed for management and supervisors of new DOT entrants, human resource professionals with safety responsibilities, or even experienced Safety and Operations professionals that just want to stay current with the new DOT regulations.

Topics addressed in this DOT Seminar include, but are not limited to:

Seven (7) BASICs within the Safety Measurement System (SMS)

FMCSA, DOT, PHMSA, and State agencies and how they interact

Hours of Service rules, monitoring and auditing procedures

Driver Qualification process and files

DOT rules for drug and alcohol testing, supervisor training and all paperwork that is required

CMV Maintenance management procedures and required documentation

DOT Accident registers, and DOT accident countermeasures

Required DOT Seminar training for all employees

All attendees will receive a DOT Seminar Certificate of Completion to keep on file.


Meet Your Presenter

President & Senior Safety Consultant

Mike England

Mike England has spent more than twenty-five years in the transportation industry, first in a management role with a small transportation company, then progressing through numerous safety and general management roles with both large and small DOT Compliance-regulated entities including trucking companies and private fleets. He is a graduate of the US Army Safety Management School in Ft. Rucker, Alabama as well as the US Department of Transportation’s FMCSA Safety Auditor Course. He spent 2005 and 2006 performing audits for the US Department of Transportation and decided in 2007 to form the private consulting firm DOT Compliance Help Inc. In addition to developing and presenting DOT Compliance Help’s, DOT Compliance Training seminars and conferences, Mike and his firm also provide DOT compliance assessments and conduct custom DOT Compliance onsite DOT training sessions for clients across the country. With an office and staff located outside of Chicago, DOT Compliance Help’s mission is to help carriers prevent accidents, injuries, and fatalities. For DOT Compliance, the ultimate goals are safer roadways for the public and increased profits for our clients. Mike England’s memberships include the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, the North American Transportation Management Institute, and the Illinois Trucking Association.

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DOT Overview Intro, Who We Are, Who You Are, DOT Agencies, TLAs, MCS-150, CSA BASICs, Utilizing SMS, Why good scores are important, FMCSA in the news, Important Resources, How to use these resources to start up your safety program, The DOT calls you and Compliance Review Prep, more resources, and the BASICs’ names and violations review Load Securement (omitted during 1-Day Locations) Steps to Compliance (train drivers, train management, review paperwork), check your SMS scores for violations, required paperwork, & how to help drivers drive a safe load Roadside Inspection Survival (added at 1-Day Locations) What Officers are Watching Out For, How to Train your drivers to successfully navigate an inspection, The Big Roadside  BASICs: Hours of Service, Driver Qualfication, Maintenance Management, Unsafe Driving; What prep work can save your scores, DataQ’s – In case something goes wrong, What the most common violations are and how to avoid them Supervisor Drug & Alcohol Training Drugs and Controlled Substances Abuse & Symptoms, Alcohol Misuse and Symptoms, Types of Testing, Proper Notification, Paperwork, Refusal to Test, TPAs, Collection Site Security & Direct Observation, Case Studies Q&A

  Roadside Inspection Survival What Officers are Watching Out For, How to Train your drivers to successfully navigate an inspection, The Big Roadside  BASICs: Hours of Service, Driver Qualfication, Maintenance Management, Unsafe Driving; What prep work can save your scores, DataQ’s – In case something goes wrong, What the most common violations are and how to avoid them Driver Qualification Driver Application (page by page), Common violations & how to avoid them, How to use the hiring process to find safe drivers, Compliant Drivers help Lower Scores, Lower Fines, and Fewer Accidents Hours of Service \ Fatigued Driving Definition, Who is Your Adversary? (Could it be you?), Falsification and Scheduling, Driver Fatigue is the real safety issue, 75% of Driver OOS Violations are Hours of Service related, Paperwork – reflective and truthful, New Hours of Service Rules, Exemptions, Local Driving, 7-Day Sheet, Form and Manner, Fines, and EOBRs Q&A

Unsafe Driving  Definition, The DQ Process and Unsafe Driving, Insurance & MVRs, State & Local Laws, Accident versus Crash terminology, Complete cost of an crash, Combat distracted driving with defensive driving, 5 Golden Keys, Safety Program & Training Methods, Eligibility Criteria, High-Tech Tools (& Not-So High-Tech Tools) CMV Maintenance Management Why we separate Load Securement, Core Documents & Regulations, understanding the relationship between DVIRs & Maintenance, & how to stay on top of the schedule Accident Prevention\Countermeasures Few Regulations But Big Expectations, What your insurance company considers risky, What is a DOT Recordable Crash?, train the drivers, MGT, & Dispatchers, Do’s & Don’ts of Taking Pictures, Accident Reporting, Accident Register, Investigation, Organizing Countermeasures Q&A

Policies and Plans Hiring & Retention Criteria, Policy and Procedure Writing, Distracted Driving\ Cell Phone Policies, Safety Management Plans & Procedures, Security Plans Critical & Acute Violations Discussion of the Critical and Acute Violations, Last Minute Audit Prep, What You Can Still Fix, Who knows what, Set up a quiet place, What to say and what NOT to say Train the Trainer Mandatory Entry Level Driver Training (Hours of Service, Driver Qualification, Whistleblower Protection, Load Securement, Wellness, Roadside Inspection Survival, Driver Drug & Alcohol Training, North American Fatigue Management Program) Enhancing Public Safety Anti-Terrorism, Anti-Hijacking, The New Global Harmonization System, Training Drivers to be aware of their surroundings Q&A

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by jim cossairt on DOT Compliance Help, Inc.
Seminar Location (not required): Hoffman Estates

Mike, good job! learned lots but still have lots more to learn. Its was good to also visit with you. Thanks for your service to this great nation or ours! Mike take care. Jim

Great place to start if your just starting to get into the transportation industry, Mike is very knowledgeable and helpful.

Hey, Omar! Thank you for the review. We enjoyed having you in class!

DOT Maintenance Management was my third webinar. Mike was very informative as usual. I love that he gives tips how to catch up if you miss something or improve your practices.

Took Supervisor Drug Alcohol webinar this morning - very informative. I'm not usually a fan of online training but this worked in a pinch

I loved Day 4 class. Learned a lot - where to look for training info, what to do (after DOT visit). On Monday I will be reviewing our training material, policies. Very satisfied

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