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If you are new in the business, I think a seminar is a great starting place.
BUT, there is some training that ALL members of management should have.
BLUF: (bottom line up front) – The whole management team needs some DOT training, because without it, you might make a bad mistake that gets you in trouble with the DOT, and also because the DOT requires training for every employee, including management and drivers.
The biggest reason I say this is, I’ve seen so many situations where an organization runs like a well-oiled machine, but invariably someone makes a really bad decision that is a DOT violation they did not know about.

Many times, sending ONE PERSON to a seminar in Las Vegas, Chicago, Houston, or Dallas or elsewhere can help, but what happens when someone in management who HASN’T had training makes a critical decision and DOESN’T know how it affects your DOT compliance?
But, if we have the chance to visit your company and present a one-day, two-day or even a half-day customized presentation on the rules that are most likely to impact your business, to a larger group of your management, you might have the ability, as an organization, to avoid some of these really common pitfalls, like:
*The Drug & Alcohol violation that can come from only one person knowing when to do a post-accident drug and alcohol test or when to do a company-directed drug and alcohol test instead.
*The Maintenance violation that can come from an inexperienced management team shaving pennies here and there, and a failure to know about a common best-management practice that could have saved them a pickup truck full of pennies.
*The Driver File problem that can come from HR getting someone involved, with the safety manager thinking, “OK, I’ll just let them do this part, I’ve got too many things going on, anyway.”
*The Hours Of Service violation that can come about because a high-level decision-maker who decided how to do something operationally was unaware how it might impact the company’s DOT-mandated safety management processes.

In each of these cases, numerous members of a management team are involved in making important decisions every day. But none of them knew ANYTHING about how their decisions caused their business to be in jeopardy because of one or more Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.
These rules apply to every business entity that dispatches commercial motor vehicles in interstate commerce, and they are NOT written by pencil-necked bureaucrats sitting behind desks, arbitrarily making transportation rules.
These rules are arrived at, one at a time, after a lot of people have lost their lives due to what was originally an innocent mistake. But, since the DOT has to make a rule, they made one called “General Applicability” that goes something like this:
1) These rules apply to every employer, employee and CMV.
2) An employer is NOT prohibited from requiring more stringent requirements.
3) Every employer shall be knowledgeable of. . . Every driver and employee shall be instructed. . . and shall comply. . .
So the bottom line is, you should have some DOT training for ALL Decision-makers, not just that one person who is primarily responsible for making sure these things are done, AND you should have some DOT training for everyone BECAUSE the DOT DIRECTS IT.
It’s a good investment; a lot of people do it; and we specialize in it.

DOT Compliance Help, Inc. knows how important convenience is for the transportation industry.   Onsite training removes the hassles of traveling  by coming to a location you specify.  In addition to working with you at ‘home base’, we will also customize the materials and information for the training to make sure it meets your specific needs and requests. We can train on multiple subjects of your choosing, including but not limited to: training on the two mandatory topics, a 2-hour DOT Compliance Overview, concentrating on your company policies and procedures, and\or concentrating on HAZMAT.

If your company would like to train more than five people at once, onsite training is the perfect answer. It can save you time and money.  Stay up to date on trucking news for usa trucking.  A list of training topics are listed below. We also have local DOT seminars and DOT webinars to fit your training needs.

DOT Compliance Help, Inc. DOT Compliance Onsite Training:  Fill out the form to the right to get a quote.

 by Jordan Bane on DOT Compliance Help, Inc.

Highly recommend this company for any DOT needs. Addressed my issues in a timely manner and went above and beyond my expectations. I will use this company again for future endeavors regarding my trucking business and give a 5star rating!!! Thank you, Jordan

 by Jimmy on DOT Compliance Help, Inc.
Compliance Manager
Seminar Location (not required): Webinar

Good content! Enjoyed the webinar and forwarded the information along to other companies such as Halliburton, TNT Crane, and Schlumberger, they all responded positively. Thank you again for the valuable information.

 by jerseycityfenceinstallation on DOT Compliance Help, Inc.
Seminar Location (not required): jerseycityfenceinstallation

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Our senior safety consultant, Mike England has experienced ‘both sides of the road’; not only does he have over 25 years of transportation safety management experience, but he is also a trained DOT Safety Investigator. During a DOT Mock Audit from DOT Compliance Help, Inc., you can find out what is wrong and get help fixing it before the DOT comes. Even if your DOT scores are not at an alert level, your road to DOT Compliance can start with a Mock Audit. You know what they say about ‘an ounce of prevention…’ Mike skillfully audits driver qualification files, hours of service paperwork, driver logs, insurance papers, your daily business practices, vehicle maintenance files, DOT drug and alcohol programs, all while working with your team to ensure they understand how to move forward after the DOT Mock Audit. You also receive an action report after the DOT Mock Audit is complete. We call it your ‘Roadmap to Compliance’. Like any good roadmap, this report prioritizes your areas of improvement for you and gives you ‘route suggestions’ to get going in an organized, efficient plan. The ‘Roadmap to Compliance’ report takes hard work, skill, expertise, and more to create – and you get all that through DOT Compliance Help, Inc.

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Training Topic Ideas

  • DOT Compliance Overview
  • Driver Qualification
  • Maintenance Management
  • Critical & Acute Violations
  • Load Securement
  • HazMat Compliance
  • Supervisor Drug & Alcohol Training
  • Accident Reporting & Prevention
  • Hours of Service Compliance
  • Roadside Inspection Survival
  • New Entrant Preparation
  • Reasonable Suspicion Training
  • Pre-Trip and Post-Trip Training
  • Entry Level Driver Training
  • DOT Drug & Alcohol Training for Drivers
  • Driver Fatigue and Hours of Service
  • Driver Logbook Training
  • Logbook Auditing
  • Fines, Penalties, and Violations
  • SMS Review