This is kind of an important announcement and I hope everyone takes a minute to read it. It could save you from a headache.
The DOT says you have to update your MCS 150 each two years or if it needs to be updated (If the numbers or anything changes) AND they also say you need to update it according to this schedule:

USDOT No. ending in Must file by last day of
1 January.
2 February.
3 March.
4 April.
5 May.
6 June.
7 July.
8 August.
9 September.
0 October.

(The chart (above) is in 390.19(b)(4) )
(390.19(b)(3) ) says “If the next-to-last digit of its USDOT Number is odd, . . . update in . . ., odd-numbered calendar year. If the next-to-last digit of the USDOT Number is even, . . . update in every even-numbered calendar year”

I’ve seen people go three years without updating it, and I’ve seen people get warning letters that say to update it, and I’ve seen people get deactivated because i’ts more than 24 months old, but until about two months ago I have never seen anyone get their registration number suspended because they didn’t adhere to the chart.

About two months ago there was someone in Texas that called and their registration had been suspended, and I wasn’t sure why, but the MCS 150 was only 19 months old. I figured it MIGHT be the chart or it could be some other reason [annual mileage was 3 or 4 years old] but I filed a new MCS 150 and it was cleared up in 24 hours.

This weekend a customer had the same problem and there was NOTHING else wrong, AND it specifically stated the registration was suspended due to failure to comply with FMCSR 390.19(b)(4) – that’s the chart (above).

So we got them updated and I just updated a slide in the presentation; now, it reads as follows:

A – If it needs to be updated, update it. (because something has changed)
B – If the MCS-150 date is more than 2 years ago, (or getting close to 2 years) update it.
C – AND, if this chart says update it, update it.

So check the MCS 150 date in SAFER, and if the month on the chart has passed or if it’s close, update the MCS 150, even if there is no change; change the estimated annual mileage by 1 mile if you have to. If you get suspended and you catch it in a day or two it’s not a HUGE deal; but this simple procedure MIGHT prevent it from happening in the first place.

– We hope this is helpful.
– Mike England, President
DOT Compliance Help, Inc.