If you ever have to go through the return to duty process with a driver, just realize, it will take a year or more, and before it is done you will accumulate enough paperwork to fill a 3-ring binder – almost an inch thick. Here is an illustration of one I’m working on right now. This guy made a mistake; showed up positive Jan 3 – he has done EVERYthing asked of him since then; which is kind of the very definition of a guy that’s worth the effort. But we won’t be done til April. I just thought I’d share a picture of this file folder to give you all a concept of how thick it is, and it’s about 2/3 of the way finished.
And, he will NEVER b e able to drive a CMV legally unless HE HAS this evidence. NEVER make the mistake of thinking a guy shows you one piece of paper and he’s off the hook. The Return to duty process takes awhile and if you hire a guy that failed a drug test once, even 23 years ago, he will have to present this evidence.